Why FIRST BASE Ground Screws?

Looking for a simple but solid foundation for your project? FIRST BASE Ground Screws are your best choice to install a foundation for your construction without the use of concrete. Simple but solid.

Your benefits:

  • High load bearing capacity
  • Easy to install (quick)
  • No digging, no concrete
  • Suitable for every type of soil

Which type to choose?

Our extensive range of ground screw products

FIRST BASE supplies ground screws in 6 different diameters: 63.5 – 68.0 – 76.1 – 88.9 – 114.3 and 139.7. In general, the larger the diameter, the greater the stability and the higher the load bearing capacity will be. But with a larger diameter, foundations cannot be made infinitely deep. To estimate the load capacity of an extendable screw foundation at different depths, FIRST BASE Ground Screws provides load bearing tables, wich can help you with the preliminary dimensioning of your screw pile needs. The engineers at FIRST BASE Ground Screws can work out an official load bearing capacity report based on Eurocodes. Curious about which type of ground screw is the best foundation for your project? Please contact us for your specific foundation issue. Our engineers will support you with project-specific advice.

We provide the best ground screw drivers

For the installation of our ground screws, we provide the best drivers in the market. With a total of three handheld drivers and two hydraulic models, we can provide you with the best possible option for your projects. Our drivers and machines are produced in Germany and Italy, which allows us to offer the highest possible quality at the best price. Contact us to see which machine suits you best.

Can be used for: