With an output of 5,000 Nm, the XE 5.0 driver is more powerful than the XS 2.5. With this machine, screw foundations up to a length of 2,000 mm and a diameter of 76 mm can be screwed into solid sandy soil. 

Besides its competitive price, this machine also has the advantage that screw foundations can be quickly placed in all soil types. 

The XE 5.0 driver also has two settings and can be accurately adjusted for speed. And it is possible to set the machine’s rotation direction so that installed foundations can also be easily removed. 

This electric machine is thermally protected which means that the machine switches off when the foundation can no longer be rotated further in the solid ground layer. With the lower gear, screws can be reliably installed to the correct depth. 

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  • The electric machine can be supplied in a robust transport case.
  • A torque tester is available for this machine.