With a torque of 7,000 Nm and no less than 20 rotations per minute, the Model 600 installation machine is the tool you need for the professional installation of our ground screw foundations. Meet our new game-changer!

In a market where power and precision are crucial, our new machine is designed to effortlessly handle the most demanding tasks. Although less powerful than its big brother, the Model 800 (with no less than 11,000Nm of torque) this new powerhouse is by no means a lightweight. In 2 gears, a tightening torque of up to 7,000Nm is achievable and the heavier types of professional screw foundations can be installed. Whether your project consists of large quantities of screws that need to be mounted quickly, or just a few dozen screws with a higher load capacity, the Model 600 has no problem.

One of the most remarkable features of our new machine is the width adjustable track wheels. The standard working width of 1200 mm can be reduced to 800 mm, so that difficult narrow spaces can be reached without problems. With a weight of only 1400 kg, this machine is maneuverable and yet stable. The machine is even easy to transport with the larger type of vans.

Equipped with a powerful KUBOTA engine, this machine is built for the future. The stage V engine is one of the most environmentally friendly engines and complies with current EU emission guidelines. Attractively priced and quickly available.

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