With the TP100 tensile test kit, a vertical and horizontal tensile test can be performed and registered quickly and accurately at a specific location in a simple but effective manner. With a maximum vertical tensile load of 100kN and a horizontal tensile load of 60kN, the larger FIRST BASE pile diameters such as the V76, V89, V114 and V140 can be rated for load capacity.

The bearing capacity is investigated on the basis of shaft friction between the ground screw foundation and the relevant soil conditions. By combining this TP-100 set-up with our in-house developed PLC-A1 software, accurate force- and displacement measurements can be registered.

According to NEN 9997 protocol (testing of geotechnical structures) the results are transferred into calculation values of the specific pile bearing capacity. The research is based on load influences that are determined empirically. Static loads are temporarily relieved for short periods.


  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 530 x 400 x 380mm 
  • Weight: 22,2KG 
  • Load capacity vertical: 100kN 
  • Load capacity horizontal: 60kN 
  • Digital measurement registration system: PLC-A1 (IP67) 
  • Pull wire encoder type; K├╝bler A50 (accuracy 0,50%, IP65) 
  • Sensor type: STCD3-25T-THRU (accuracy 1,00%) 
  • Battery capacity: 20 hours 


Determining the maximum load bearing capacity of a ground screw foundation in vertical and horizontal direction, adapted to a specific soil condition. All measurements are registered in a PLC-A1 in a database with the corresponding load-settlement diagram.

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